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Dear Sir or Madam,

With the PCI multi-function card PCI-BASE1000 we would like to introduce to you a highly integrated and modular concept for stationary data acquisition.

With the selection of suitable data acquisition modules (MAD, MDA, MCAN) you decide about performance and price of the measurement system and optimize the price-performance ratio.

PCI data aquisition card

EUR 149.00 net*

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+++ 2 slots for data acquisition modules (A/D, D/A, CAN) usable in any combination
+++ 16 Digital IN, 16 Digital OUT
+++ IN: +/-10V, +/-5V, +/-2V, +/-1V; OUT: +/-10V, +/-5V; 12/16 Bit (dep. on module)
+++ synchronizable, short latencies
+++ incl. software NextView® 4 Live! and ActiveX Control LIBADX


1. BREATHTAKING: 2x MAD16f = 1MHz total sampling rate
2. UNIQUE: MAD + MCAN = time-synchronous acquisition of analog and CAN signals
3. UNBEATABLE: MAD12 + PCI-BASE1000 = 298.- EUR for a PCI data acquisition system

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