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--> reliability
--> user-friendliness
--> extraordinary price-
performance ratio
--> made in Germany: development and production close together, quality, customer-friendly service
--> compatibility
--> in compliance with current industrial standards
--> perfect adjustment of hardware and software
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Who we are

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Innovative measurement technology

Since more than 15 years, the team of BMC Messsysteme GmbH develops and produces all kinds of components of measuring technology. Team work is important to us and produces versatility and flexibility, as the abilities of the individual can be used effectively and constructively.
Continuity and steady growth could be realized successfully over the years.

When developing our products, the following applies:

-->extraordinary price-performance ratio


bmcm business domains: development - production - distribution

From sensor to software

As we produce all components of a measurement chain ourself, we know the difficulties arising from the question of compatibility. Concerning our products, we made a virtue of necessity and adjusted the various product groups carefully to each other.

Do you need the corresponding 5B connection technology for our 5B measuring amplifier? No problem - we have the suitable solution for you.

-->connection technology
-->measuring amplifiers
-->data acquisition systems


bmcm products: from sensor to software

Hardware and software from a single source

Only if hardware and software is developed in teamwork, perfect adjustment is possible. At this place, we gain the deciding advantage compared to our competitors: Our developers are familiar with all aspects of a measuring process.

For example, the programmer knows the requirements of the hardware and our specialist for analog circuit technology can optimize the products making the most of the possibilities of modern analysis software.


Hardware and software from bmcm


Made in Germany

Although we are not as old as this trademark, we still feel obliged to the philosophy standing behind it. We produce our products in the Munich area.

In years of cooperation with our partners, we experienced over and over again that development and production close together have so many deciding advantages that we absolutely want to keep that. In this way, we can guarantee constant quality and customer-friendly service for many years to come - this is important to us!

-->service close to the customer
-->development and production close-by
-->compliance with common industrial standards


bmcm: Innovative measurement technology "made in Germany"

Direct sales and partners

Since July 2006, commercial consumers can directly purchase our products of measurement technology at bmcm. That means that you as a customer can profit from faster delivery periods and compatible prices. For orders via our webshop in the internet, we allow a 5% online discount in addition.

Of course, our products are also available at our sales partners inside and outside Germany.

-->bmcm webshop
-->sales in Germany
-->distributors in other countries
-->co-marketing program for distributors
bmcm webshop with 5% online discount

Milestones of the product history

Innovative measurement technology was our motto from the beginning. In this way, we left our marks in measurement technology.

2011 LAN data acquisition system LAN-AD16f
2010 NextView®4 (Windows® 7/XP)
2009 modular PCIe data acquisition card PCIe-BASE
2008 amplifier measurement systems AMS
2007 USB data acquisition system USB-AD16f
2006 automotive embedded PC
2005 NextView®4 (Windows® 2000/XP/Vista)
2000 USB data acquisition system meM-ADDA
1998 LAN data acquisition system iM3250
1998 modular PCI data acquisition card PCI-BASE
1998 NextView®/NT (Windows® 95/98/NT)
1995 5B measuring amplifier MA-UNI
1993 ISA slot cards PIO48II and PC20TR
1993 NextView® (MS-DOS)


bmcm leaves marks

Custom-made products

Besides our wide range of off-the-shelf products, we develop and produce special products. Those include the special demands of the measurement application and the handling of special requests is done in close cooperation with the customer. Therefore, custom-made products are only available on request and make sense starting from a certain number of ordered pieces.

Our offer of custom-made products is divided in the following three categories:

-->OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
-->D2M - Design to Manufacturing
-->special products


bmcm custom-made products: OEM - D"M - special products