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Use our latest VI's to program DAQ hardware from bmcm in LabVIEW™ 2009.


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AP2a - Connection Technology for 5B Modules and Sensors

Well-known analog 2-channel backplane upgraded: Representing the connecting element between measuring signal, signal conditioning, and data acquisition, the AP2a designed in 5B standard is perfect for professional applications.

Because changing 5B modules and sensors is so easy, the most different measurement applications can be realized directly and even in tight space.

--> 2 slots for 5B measuring amplifiers or output modules
--> integrated wide-range power supply for 5V or 9-40V
--> signal/sensor connection via pluggable spring terminal blocks (included)
--> suitable for DIN rail mounting
x Analog Backplane AP2a

Measurement in practical use

Get ready to take off!

Be creative and get an impression of the versatility of our measurement products. The bmcm collection of application notes will give you new ideas and shows how you can realize your measurement tasks.

Whether single scans, longtime monitoring, distributed multi-channel measurement synchronized via network, test stands, mobile field use or stationary in the laboratory - all applications have been done with data acquisition systems, amplifier technology, and software from bmcm.


Download Application Notes as PDF

Measuring, recording, analyzing made easy with NextView®4

Visit the new website of NextView®4 and take a look at the applications demonstrating the great variety of possible fields of application. Short tutorials show step-by-step in a few minutes how to easily receive well-founded measuring results with the software for data acquisition and analysis - right away.

Let us help you realize your measurement applications, because we have already solved it. We'll show you how to do it!

More information about NextView

AMS42-LAN16f - 1 system, 1000 possibilities

5B amplifier technology and data acquisition via network accomodated in a mobile ½ x 19'' tabletop unit. Due to the modular concept of the AMS42-LAN16f there is nothing to stop you from realizing your individual and manifold measurement applications.

--> simply connect different sensors
--> fast and precise data acquisition
--> plug-in cassettes with individual connectors
--> integrate 5B measuring amplifiers
--> mobile tabletop unit or stationary 19'' rack system
--> LAN: distributed, cascadable, synchronous

--> Product flyer (PDF, 919kB)

Amplifier measurement system AMS42-LAN16f

High-end measurement. Precise. Safe.

Don't get disturbed in the quiet winter season ...

Speaking about "undisturbed":
Using our isolating measuring amplifiers MA-UNI, MA-UI, and MA-U eliminates interferences caused by common-mode voltages and ground loops in one fell swoop.

The 5B modules with triple electrical isolation guarantee precise and safe measurements and provide for optimum signal conditioning.


Further information about 5B measuring amplifiers

Monitor, control & automate with NextView®4 Script

If you can't get enough of NextView®4, the software for data acquisition and analysis, and you want to automatically control or automate, our solution is simple: NV4SCRIPT.

With the script extension for NextView®4, you can you can individually realize customized measuring tasks by simple programming, monitor systems, automatically create analyses, and much more.

--> NextView®4 website

x Further information about NV4SCRIPT

LAN-AD16f - Data acquisition highly professional and as simple as USB

--> You cannot be at many places at once and measure?
--> You do not want to sit in the dirt but still see measuring data?
--> You do not want cable salad but one cable to the PC or none?
--> You do not need any analog interferences but unbiased measuring results?
--> Your measurement data acquisition must be safe, reliable, and complete?

As a solution, we have chosen the LAN network to transmit sampled data to the PC. Herewith we would like to introduce our latest DAQ system LAN-AD16f to you - highly professional and at least as simple as USB.

Modern LAN technology for everybody: All settings are automatically assigned to the device upon network connection. A driver installation is not necessary.

LAN data acquisition system LAN-AD16f

USB-PIO-OEM - Digital control and acquisition via USB

Whether as part of experimental set-ups in museums, car-configurator stands at trade fairs, or for digitized city council votes - thanks to the amazing creativity of our customers, the USB-PIO always has a finger in the pie concerning digital control and acquisition.

Equip your device with a modern and powerful digital USB interface and 24 digital I/O! The compact OEM version USB-PIO-OEM from bmcm can easiliy be integrated in your circuits.

-->NEW:  Programmable also under Mac OS X and Unix (FreeBSD, Linux)!


Our products - simply measuring ...

To be always up to date, a new version of the "DATA ACQUISITION" catalog has been released containing the latest product range for bmcm measurement systems. Furthermore, various product overviews corresponding to the product groups of the measuring chain are available for download.

Under the title "PRESENTATION", BMC Messsysteme GmbH is introducing the company, the philosophy, the products and numerous application examples.

--> "AMPLIFIERS" (PDF, 502kB)
--> "SOFTWARE" (PDF, 327kB)
--> bmcm price list (PDF, 473kB)

Would you like us to send them to you? No problem! Just contact us.

  Click to download PDF

USB-AD16f - The world's most "price-performance-able" DAQ system

The USB data acquisition system USB-AD16f of bmcm gets measurement technology going. The combination of high performance, sophisticated quality and an unbeatable low price is unique until now.

Analog In   Analog Out   Digital I/O   Operating systems
-->250kHz   -->10µs   -->4 Digital In   -->Windows
-->16 Analog In   -->2 Analog Out   -->4 Digital Out   -->Mac OS X
-->16 bit   -->16 bit   -->counter (isol.)   -->FreeBSD
-->isolated   -->isolated       -->Linux
--> ±10V, ±5V, ±2V, ±1V

--> Product flyer (PDF, 293kB)



Data acquisition system USB-AD16f (USB)

ZU-DBD - Measurement technology at your fingertips

Ideal for schooling and training: Easily generate analog signals with the demo board ZU-DBD. Equipped with various operating elements and sensors, fundamental terms of measurement technology can be imparted clearly.

The demo board is compatible to the USB data acquisition systems USB-AD and USB-AD12f and is therefore only available toghether with one of those. - Just give it a try!

--> Product video


PCI-PIO - Digital instrumentation and control all-in-one

Behind the highly integrated design of the PCI-PIO lies a multifunctional concept. With up to three counters or incremental encoders being connected to any inputs of the 32 digital I/O, you have all options in the range of digital applications.

The short latency of the PCI interface makes the PCI-PIO especially attractive for controlling tasks. As a quadrature decoder card, it is extremely versatile and can be used e.g. for the acquisition of counting pulses, the determination of position, or for distance and angular measurements.


Digital I/O card PCI-PIO

MAL-ISO - Reliably measuring

How interferences can be eliminated from a measuring signal by using isolation amplifiers (here: MAL-ISO10), has successfully been proved by the Technical University Munich (see right picture).

With the low-priced miniature amplifiers of the MAL-ISO series, signals can be recorded electrically isolated allowing not just reliable statements about a measurement but also protecting PC and measurement system against high potentials.

--> MAL-ISO50: ±50V --> ideal for automotive applications!
--> MAL-ISO10: ±10V
--> MAL-ISO50: ±5V
--> MAL-ISO1: ±1V or ±20mA --> for voltage or current


Isolation amplifiers MAL-ISO50/10/5/1

PCIe-BASE - Measuring via PCI express

In the long run, PCI-Express will replace the PCI interface in today's PCs. With the PCIe-BASE, BMC Messsysteme is one of the first manufacturers of measurement technology to launch a PCIe card for stationary acquisition of measurement data outstanding due to its modular concept and unrivaled competitive price.

Two slots allow the individual equipment of the multi-function card with plug-on modules. You, the customer, can define price and power of your data acquisition system yourself!

-->MAD: Analog input modules with max. 500kHz sampling rate and 16-bit resolution
-->MADDA: Analog modules (AIn/AOut) with 250kHz sampling rate and 16-bit resolution
-->MDA: Analog output modules for control tasks galvanically isolated
-->MCAN: CAN interface module for analog measurements and via CAN synchronously in time!


Data acquisition card PCIe-BASE (PCIe)

USB-AD12f - Measurement & control. Super-low priced.

Record and output signals with the USB-AD12f. The USB data acquisition system accomodated in a stable aluminum housing is ideal for medium-class applications impressing by universal applicability and an excellent price-performance-ratio.

--> 16 Analog In, 12 bit, ±10V, 20kHz
--> 1 Analog Out, 12 bit, ±5V
--> 4 Digital In, 4 Digital Out (CMOS/TTL compatible)
--> use Digital In 1 as 16-bit counter
--> operated and powered via USB
--> for Windows, Mac OS X, Free BSD, Linux

DAQ system USB-AD12f (USB)

AMS84 - 5B amplifier system in 19'' format

The popular AMS42 amplifier systems accomodating 5B measuring amplifiers have been extended by the AMS84 series in 19'' format (84HP) suitable for installation in test and control systems.
With the modular concept you can create a complete system perfectly adjusted to your personal requirements. For mounting the most different 5B modules plug-in cassettes with individual connectors are available to comfortably connect sensors.

The AMS amplifier systems are also provided with an integrated LAN or USB data acquisition system.

  AMS84 series     AMS42 series
--> 5B compatible   --> 5B compatible
--> installation in 19'' rack systems   --> mobile ½ x 19'' tabletop unit
--> 16 slots for cassettes   --> 8 slots for cassettes
--> stable aluminum housing (84HP)   --> stable aluminum housing (42HP)
--> versions: AMS84, AMS84-LAN16f, AMS84-USB   --> versions: AMS42, AMS42-LAN16f, AMS42-USB


Modular 19' amplifier system AMS84

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USB-AD: Where is the measuring device?

Hard to belive: the 12 bit measurement system USB-AD with 16 analog inputs, 1 analog output and 4 digital inputs and outputs is integrated in the red plug case.

Unrivaled in size and price-performance ratio the successor of the meM-ADDA makes mobile measurements via USB most comfortable!

For digital applications we recommend the digital I/O interface USB-PIO.

  USB measuring system USB-AD