Programming interfaces - LIBADX und LIBAD4 DLL

--> hardware independent programming interface
--> programming of bmcm measuring systems
--> requires experience in programming
- ActiveX control (OCX)
- Windows® 7/XP
- for C++®, Visual C++®,
  Delphi®, Visual Basic®
--> LIBAD4:
- Windows® 7/XP,
  Mac OS X, UNIX
- for C, C++
Download PDF Programming guide LIBADX (PDF, 752kB)

Download PDF

Programming guide LIBAD4 (PDF, 680kB)

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Download LIBAD

bmcm INFO
--> overview of the bmcm measuring hardware (PDF, 34kB)



LIBAD is a standard interface for programming the DAQ systems of BMC Messsysteme GmbH. Programs created with the LIBAD allow for the realization of customized applications concerning data acquisition and processing of any kind.

Depending on your demands the LIBAD is available as LIBADX or LIBAD4 DLL.

LIBADX is implemented as ActiveX control (OCX) and is used by all programming languages supporting ActiveX controls, like e.g. Visual Basic®, Delphi®, C ++® and Visual C++® for programming on Windows® 7/XP. The LIBADX supports all of the bmcm measuring systems (except: data logger meM-LOG-SE, incremental encoder meM-INC and CAN interface module MCAN).

For programming in C, C++ you can use the LIBAD4. The Libad4 SDK is provided for the operating systems Windows® 7/XP for the programming of all the bmcm measurement systems (except: meM-LOG-SE, MCAN) as well as for Mac OS X and UNIX systems for various LAN and USB data acquisition systems .

You can get the LIBADX and LIBAD4 for free in our Download Center. There you will also find programming examples with source code for LIBADX. Using the LIBAD requires programming experience.