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For testing purposes or to make your own developments easier, the test tool USB-PIO-OEM-TL is available. It provides standard connectors for the digital lines and the USB bus. In addition, 24 LEDs allow immediate status control of the individual I/O pins.

Powered by USB

Test tool and module are supplied with power via the USB interface. This reduces cabling efforts to a minimum and makes mobile use a lot easier.

The most important functions in a nutshell. For technical details see the relating data sheet (PDF).

  •   connection of 24 digital I/O
  •   status control via 24 LEDs
  •   D-Sub 25 female
  •   USB connector
  •   optionally bus-powered

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D-Sub 25 connecting cable (male/female)

D-Sub Connectors

D-Sub male/female conn. (15-, 25-, 37-pin)

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