For Current Measurement.

Simply reconfigure DAQ systems from bmcm for current measurement by using ZU-CS250R: The current shunt can be installed for each input separately allowing simultaneous measurement of voltage and current with the same DAQ system.

4..20mA. Industrial Standard.

The principle of current shunts is based on Ohm's law. Because of the integrated 250Ohm precision resistor of the ZU-CS250R, current signals in the ±20mA range can be measured with a DAQ system providing 5V inputs. Ideal for using industrial standard sensors with 0/4..20mA output current.

Plug-In and Ready.

The DAQ cards PCI-BASEII, PCIe-BASE, and PC104-AD16 and the external DAQ systems LAN-AD16f, USB-AD16f, and USB-AD12f feature internal pin connectors for the analog inputs. ZU-CS250R is plugged on the pins of the channel at which current is to be measured.

Parameterize. NextView 4 Makes it Simple.

Show signals as they are. So easy with the optional DAQ software NextView 4. Just enter the conversion factors and the measured voltages of a sensor are displayed as a physical quantity (e.g. force, temperature, current).

The most important functions in a nutshell. For technical details see the relating data sheet (PDF).

  •   ±20mA current measurements
  •   precision resistor
  •   installation channel-by-channel

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