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Illustrative Measuring.

Voltage signals and other physical quantities (e.g. pressure, temperature, light intensity) can be presented with the demo board ZU-DBD. Equipped with various operating controls and sensors, both static and dynamic analog signals are generated.

Connection to the DAQ System.

The demo board has been optimized for using it with the USB data acquisition systems USB-AD14f and USB-AD from bmcm and is therefore only available together with one of these DAQ systems. It is connected to the analog channels (16 AIn, 1 AOut) of the PC data acquisition system at the 37-pin D-Sub male.

Supplied by USB. So Easy.

An external power source is not necessary. The ZU-DBD uses the power of the USB interface provided by the PC data acquisition system with app. 5V to produce the demo signals.

In Service for Education.

As basics of electrical engineering and measurement technology (e.g. electric circuits, functionality of electric components) can easily be demonstrated with the ZU-DBD, it is perfectly suitable to impart knowledge about PC measurement at schools and other training centers.

Intuitive. Compact. Well-Priced.

Teaching material in the field of schooling and training must be easy to use, handy, robust, and cost-effective. When developing the ZU-DBD, we set a great value on meeting these demands.

Easily Operated.

A potentiometer for adjustable voltages, a joystick for 2-axial signals, a push-button to generate pulses, a strain gauge sensor for pressure measurement - these are just a few features of the demo board to explain fundamental terms of measurement technology.

Simply NextView.

The data acquisition software NextView is a perfect complement to the measurement hardware. The signals produced with the demo board can directly be visualized online as graphic curves or be recorded. A free NextView project specially created for the ZU-DBD is provided.

The most important functions in a nutshell. For technical details see the relating data sheet (PDF).

  •   generate demo signals for USB-AD or USB-AD14f
  •   control elements: potentiometer, joystick, push-button
  •   sensors: solar cell, temperature sensor, strain gauge
  •   external signal connection (±10V) at two channels
  •   powered by USB interface (4..5V)

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