Accessory. For Cold-Junction Compensation.

The option ZU-TR is available as accessory for the backplane BP16. The LM35CAZ (absolute accuracy: ±1°C) soldered to the D-Sub 37 male connector serves as reference for thermocouple measurements with cold-junction compensation if using the MAL-THR amplifier.

Installation. So Simple.

ZU-TR is plugged on the 37-pin D-Sub IN female of the BP16. The measuring lines of the thermocouple only have to be soldered to the relating pins at the D-Sub 37 male connector of the ZU-TR. The assignment of the LM35CAZ is illustrated in the data sheet of the MAL-THR.

The most important functions in a nutshell. For technical details see the relating data sheet (PDF).

  •   LM35DZ semiconductor sensor
  •   ±1°C absolute accuracy

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