AMS-DIG4 + Gehäuse

You Want More. You Get it.

Equip your AMS amplifier measurement system with 4 galvanically isolated digital inputs and outputs each. The optocouplers convert digital inputs in the voltage range of 5..30V into TTL signals. The control lines of the PC DAQ system switch relays (TTL/CMOS) with up to 6A. The digital lines are available at the back of the device.

For USB.

The extension AMS-DIG4 is provided for the USB amplifier measurement systems AMS42-USB and AMS84-USB. It features 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs.

Clearly Safe.

Due to the galvanic isolation between the channels and from the data acquisition and control system, the whole system is perfectly protected.

Signal Connection. Screw. Plug-In. Done.

Digital sensors or other voltage signals can comfortably be connected via pluggable screw-type terminal blocks. They are available as accessory (ZU2ST, ZU3ST) at bmcm.

Mounting. We'll Take Care of it.

To install the option AMS-DIG4, an optocoupler-relay-card is integrated in the AMS amplifier measurement system. This is done directly ex works on purchase of an AMS system. The extension is only available for new devices.

The most important functions in a nutshell. For technical details see the relating data sheet (PDF).

  •   4 optocoupler inputs, 4 relay outputs for AMS42-USB, AMS84-USB
  •   installation by bmcm


AMS extension (8 Dig IN, 8 Dig OUT, isolated)


AMS-EXT8 für AMS42
AMS extension (8 additional 5B slots)

Screw Terminals

Screw-type terminal blocks (2-4-pin)

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