Accessory. Standing on a Sound Footing.

If the amplifier measurement systems AMS84, AMS84-LAN16f or AMS84-USB are not installed in a 19" rack system, we recommend the use of base feet. Those are included with devices of the AMS42 series. The four feet feature antiskid protection. With the front folding, tip-up feet, the AMS system can be positioned in a slightly angled position for comfortable operation. Delivery includes a set of feet and screws needed for one device.

Mounting. So Easy.

Carefully remove the side cover with a screwdriver at the provided indentions for mounting. Open the bottom cover completely by lifting it on both sides. The feet are arranged with the antiskid protection pointing to the bottom and to the outside (front/back) with the tip-up feet being placed at the device front. The feet have to cover the row of three holes at each corner. They can be fixed with a torx screw at the outermost hole as soon as they slightly lock in place. Finally, the bottom cover and the side covers are pressed back on the provided clips of the housing.

The most important functions in a nutshell:

  •   4 plastic feet for the AMS84 line
  •   front tip-up feet
  •   antiskid protection

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AMS metal handles (2 pcs.)

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