AMS-OI16RS + Gehäuse
AMS-OI16RS + Gehäuse

Digital I/O professional.

Fit your AMS amplifier measurement system with galvanically separated digital channels. All digital in- and outputs can be connected on the back side of the AMS-system via pluggable screw terminals.

16 digital outputs.

All 16 semiconductor switches of the AMS-OI16RS are built for voltage in the range of 5..32V. You can display 5V of the measurement system or an applied voltage.

3 Incremental encoder inputs.

You can connect 3 incremental encoders with RS422 levels to the measurement system. A 5V current supply respectively an externally applied auxiliary voltage is provided at the input plugs.

4 Digital inputs.

You can record 4 digital conditions in the voltage range of 3..32V via optocoupler inputs.

Obviously safe.

The galvanic separation of the digital lines amongst each other and to the measurement system provides a perfect protection for the whole system. All in- and outputs are fitted with catch diodes to suppress electrostatic discharges.

Signal connection: Screw. Insert. Done.

Digital sensor technology or voltage signals can be connected comfortably with pluggable screw terminals. These are available accessories (ZU5STL, ZU2ST) at bmcm.

The most important functions in a nutshell. For technical details see the relating data sheet (PDF).

  • 3 isolated incremental inputs (RS422 level),
  • 4 isolated inputs
  • 16 isolated outputs for AMS amplifier measurement systems
  • installation by bmcm


AMS extension (16 IN, 16 OUT, isolated)


Amplifier Measurement System for 8x 5B modules (LAN)


Amplifier Measurement System for 16x 5B modules (LAN)

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