UP 8
ZU5STL + Kabel

Signal Connection. Clamp. Plug-In. Done.

Signals can directly and comfortably be connected at the terminal connector ZU5STL. The screw-type connection inside allows for secure attachment. With the pull relief, the terminal connector can easily be unplugged even in tight space.

Where to Connect.

The screw terminal block has 5 connection pins. It can be used for AMS-Systems to connect signals to the front panel of the AMS-K-CO5 cassettes. They are delivered in packaging units of 8.

The most important functions in a nutshell:

  •   pluggable terminal blocks with screw-type connection
  •   8 pcs/package
  •   sensor/signal connection to AMS-K-CO5

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Screw Terminals

Screw-type terminal blocks (2-4-pin)


Terminal blocks with spring clamps (7-pin)

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