Get Your System Wrapped Up.

Use the ZU-PBOX-PG to integrate measurement components into a closed system. Combine bmcm products of signal conditioning, data acquisition, and connection technology and get a powerful compact measuring system.

Protected and Dry.

The plastic housing and all connections are sealed (IP54) for the measurement setup to be protected against splash water, dust, and other foreign substances.

Get Connected.

The ZU-PBOX-PG provides 8 PG screw connectors with strain relief.

DIN Rail Mounting.

All components in the box are mounted onto 3 DIN rails providing for high stability.

Versions. You Have the Choice.

Two types of the box are available: The ZU-PBOX-PG featuring PG connections is more likely suitable for stationary installations. The ZU-PBOX-LAN has been optimized for network measurements in harsh environment providing required connections for power supply and network.

The most important functions in a nutshell. For technical details see the relating data sheet (PDF).

  •   splash water protected housing (IP54)
  •   3 DIN rails
  •   transparent lid
  •   cable glands 7x PG13.5, 1x PG16


Waterproof plastic housing for LAN devices

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