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32 Channels. Digital. Output & Monitoring.

Record and output digital signals. The PCI-PIO features two 16-bit bidirectional digital ports. The port lines are led out to a 37-pin D-Sub female connector. The short latency of the PCI interface makes the card especially attractive for controlling tasks.

Connect Incremental Encoder. Count Up and Down.

Up to 3 counters or incremental encoders can be connected at any digital inputs of the PCI-PIO. The relevant digital lines are programmed to counter mode via software. To set an incremental encoder to the zero position, the use of an external counter reset is supported.

PCI. Well-Fitted in the PC.

The PCI-PIO is installed in a free PCI slot and is supplied by the PC - all this without annoying cables. The PC housing provides optimum protection against interferences. Due to Plug&Play, the card is recognized automatically by the PC making installation a lot easier.

Windows. That's it.

The PCI-PIO can be used on Windows XP/7/8/10. The entire software for installation and programming (ActiveX Control) of the digital I/O card is included for free.

NextView. Try for Free.

The PCI card is supported by NextView, the software for data acquisition and analysis. A fully functional 30-day trial is included with delivery to directly test the functionality of the PCI-PIO.

The most important functions in a nutshell. For technical details see the relating data sheet (PDF).

  •   32 digital channels (2x16 bit, TTL/CMOS)
  •   3 counters (32 bit, 16MHz) for pulse or incremental encoder measurement
  •   total sampling rate max. 1MHz
  •   4k FIFO for fast data acquisition
  •   1 Megasample max. transfer rate

Hardware and Software from One Hand

Drivers, programming support for Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and Linux, as well as a 30-day full version of the measurement software NextView are included with all DAQ systems for free and can be downloaded from this website.

bmcm Driver Package

USB data acquisition hardware always requires the installation of a device driver to be accessible by software. By providing a free bmcm driver package, the device installation has to be done only once - additional DAQ hardware is installed automatically. 

Simply NextView

For all who want to start right away: View and store signals, configure the measurement system, process measuring data and much more. 
Test all features of the data ac­qui­sition software 30 days for free! 

Simply LIBAD

Programming leanly and quickly: Use bmcm data acquisition systems in your own programs. The hardware independent programming interface (API) LIBAD is available as DLL in 64 Bit (Windows 8+) or 32 Bit (Windows XP+, MacOS, Linux).

Or LabView VI's

You are using LabVIEW™? Also possible with data acquisition hardware from bmcm. LabVIEW VI's for our DAQ systems are included with the delivery as well or free for download. 


Digital I/O device (USB), 24 Digital I/O


PCI data acquisition card (1MHz, 32 Dig I/O, 3 counters)


OI16 schraeg
Optocoupler card (16 IN 1..30V, 16 OUT 1..30V)


Optocoupler/relay card (IN: 5..30V, OUT: 6A/60V)


Relay card (OUT: max. 6A/60V)

ZUKA37 Line

D-Sub 37 connecting cable (male/female or male/male)

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