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Measurement & Control. Quite Simple.

Record and output signals with the USB-AD: The USB data acquisition system is ideal for universal applications and due to the small size perfectly suitable for mobile use - just plug in and get going!

Extra Small. Extra Red. Extra Low-Priced.

The unique idea of the USB-AD: The data acquisition system is accomodated in the D-Sub connector housing. Not only the size is extra small but also the price.

16 AIn. 1 AOut. 12 Bit. ±5V.

Voltage signals in the ±5V range are connected at 16 analog inputs. Sampling is done with 12 bit resolution and 10Hz per channel. The ±5V output can be used for analog control with 12 bit accuracy.

4 Digital In. 4 Digital Out.

Digital states are recorded or controlled at four digital inputs and outputs each. Digital inputs are sampled time-synchronously with the analog inputs.

Plug & Play.

The connection to the PC is realized via USB. The USB-AD provides all typical USB features (e.g. Plug&Play, Hot-Plug). Up to 127 devices can be connected and installed during operation.

Powered by USB.

The device is supplied with power via the USB interface. This reduces cabling efforts to a minimum and makes mobile measurements a lot easier.

Optimal for Windows.

The drivers and programming interface is optimized for 64Bit under Windows® 10/11. All software for installation and programming of the USB-AD is included free of charge.

NextView. Try for Free.

The DAQ system is supported by NextView, the software for data acquisition and analysis. A fully functional 14-day trial can be requested under So it is possible, to directly test the functionality of the device.

Accessory. Makes Everything so Easy.

Use the demo board ZU-DBD featuring various operating controls and sensors to generate 16 analog signals and record them with the USB data acquisition system.

The most important functions in a nutshell. For technical details see the relating data sheet (PDF).

  •   16 analog inputs (12 bit, max. 10Hz/channel, ±5V)
  •   1 analog output (12 bit, ±5V)
  •   4 digital inputs and outputs each (TTL/CMOS)
  •   bus-powered
  •   USB 2.0, full-speed
  •   DAQ system integrated in compact D-Sub housing

Hardware and Software from One Hand

Drivers and programming support are naturally included with all DAQ systems for free and can be downloaded from this website.

bmcm Driver Package

USB/PCI/PCIe data acquisition hardware always requires the installation of a device driver to be accessible by software. By providing a free bmcm driver package, the device installation has to be done only once - additional DAQ hardware is installed automatically. 

Simply NextView

For all who want to start right away: View and store signals, configure the measurement system, process measuring data and much more. 
Test all features of the data ac­qui­sition software 14 days for free! As a premium member of bmcm you can test all functionalitys of NextView for 30 days. 

Simply LIBAD

Programming leanly and quickly: Use bmcm data acquisition systems in your own programs. The hardware independent programming interface (API) LIBAD4 is available as DLL in 64 Bit (Windows 10/11).


USB Measurement System (160Hz, 12 bit)


USB data acquisition system (250kHz, 16 bit, isolated)


USB data acquisition system (20kHz, 14 bit)


Digital I/O device (USB), 24 Digital I/O


NextView 5 Professional (single license)


NV Lite
NextView 5 Lite (single license)


Demo board for analog signals (for USB-AD, USB-AD14f)

ZUKA37 Line

D-Sub 37 connecting cable (male/female or male/male)


Connector panel (16x BNC, 37x 4mm banana jacks)


Connector panel (18x terminal connectors, 37x banana jacks)


Connector panel (18x terminal connectors)

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