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Get Connected. With Standard.

The Euro-card sized connector board ZU37BB is the solution for comfortably connecting sensors and voltage signals to a PC measurement system. The integrated plug connector technologies are widely used in industry and connection technology.

16 Analog Inputs. 4 Extra Lines.

The ZU37BB features 16 connectors for analog inputs. Additional lines (e.g. analog outputs) can be attached to 4 further plug connectors. Terminal blocks (ZU4ST, packaging unit: 4pcs.) are available for the two 4-pin terminal connectors as accessory.

Connect to the Measuring System.

All connections on the board are directly led through to a D-Sub37 male to be connected to the input lines of a measuring amplifier or data acquisition system. The pin assignment corresponds to the default assignment of DAQ hardware from bmcm allowing a comfortable 1:1 connection.

DIN Rail Mounting.

The connector board comes with a DIN rail carrier with bracket to be easily mounted on a standard DIN rail as commonly used in electrical installation.

Versions. You Have the Choice.

For all preferring other connectors: The connector board is also available as version with 4-pin terminal connectors (ZU37CO), if necessary combined with 4mm sockets (ZU37CB).

The most important functions in a nutshell. For technical details see the relating data sheet (PDF).

  •   connectors for 16+4 channels
  •   16 BNC sockets, 37 jacks for 4mm banana plugs, 2 terminal connectors (4-pin)
  •   connect to DAQ system at D-Sub 37 male


Connector panel (18x terminal connectors, 37x banana jacks)


Connector panel (18x terminal connectors)

ZUKA37 Line

D-Sub 37 connecting cable (male/female or male/male)

Screw Terminals

Screw-type terminal blocks (2-4-pin)

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