AP2a + 1x ZU7ST
AP2a + 2x ZU7ST
AP2a  + 2x ZU7ST + Module

For Measuring Amplifiers and Sensors. Get Connected.

Backplane in 5B technology: Up to two measuring amplifiers, converters, output modules, or any other function modules can be plugged into the analog backplane AP2a. The variety of available 5B modules provides for the solution of the most specific measuring tasks - individual and simple.

5B Technology. Industrial Standard.

The pin assignment of the backplane integrated in the AP2a corresponds to the 5B module standard of Analog Devices and Burr Brown. An additional 0EX pin has been introduced for sensors requiring unipolar supply to be suitable for connection.

Clearly Safe.

Most of the 5B modules feature galvanic isolation of the channels from each other and from the data acquisition and control system. This perfectly protects the whole system against high potentials and interferences.

Well Supplied.

The AP2a is operated with 5V or 9-40V optionally. The supply voltage is connected via screw-clamp terminals.

Signal Connection. Clamp. Plug-in. Ready.

Sensors or other voltage signals can comfortably be connected via 7-pin spring terminal blocks, which are plugged in the relevant input connectors of the AP2a. The terminal blocks are included with delivery.

Connection to the DAQ System.

The amplifier outputs are available at a 3-pin screw terminal connector. They are connected to the input lines of a data acquisition system. Combining the AP2a with a measuring card or DAQ system from bmcm makes a powerful measurement system.

DIN Rail Mounting.

The AP2a comes with a DIN rail carrier with bracket to be easily mounted on a standard DIN rail as commonly used in electrical installation.

The Big Option. You Have the Choice.

For all needing more channels: The analog backplane is also available as an 8-channel version AP8a.

The most important functions in a nutshell. For technical details see the relating data sheet (PDF).

  •   2 channels
  •   5B compatible
  •   7-pin input terminals
  •   power supply 9..40V or 5V
  •   DIN rail mounting
  •   incl. 2 spring terminal blocks


Analog amplifier backplane for 8x 5B modules


5B universal amplifier for U, I, R, AC, SG, CF


5B amplifier for voltage/ current, 9 measuring ranges


5B amplifier for voltage, 50kHz, 4 measuring ranges


Desktop power supply (24V, 40W)


Terminal blocks with spring clamps (7-pin)

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