LIBAD by bmcm for bmcm. Programming Interface (API).

Realize your measurement application with bmcm data acquisition hardware by own programming exactly as you wish - individual and quite simple.
The Application Programming Interface LIBAD supports all data acquisition systems of bmcm and is for free, of course.

Programming -
Lean and Quick.

As the LIBAD is extremely close to the hardware, measurement applications can be programmed with very little programming code. To receive an analog value, for example, a three-liner will do it.
This has a positive effect on the execution speed, too: Little code for fast performance.

Sampling Measuring Data.
Single or Continuous.

The LIBAD provides functions and commands all about measuring data acquisition. This includes polling single measuring values, which can be realized by programming within a few minutes, as well as scanning with full speed continuously returning measuring values.

Hardware Independent.
One for All.

The LIBAD supports all DAQ systems of bmcm. In case of a device replacement, only hardware-specific parameters, such as device name or channel name, have to be changed in the source code. Re­in­stalling or using different commands is not necesscary.

DLL or ActiveX.
You Have the Choice.

The LIBAD is provided as LIBAD4.dll or as ActiveX Control LIBADX. It can be used with every pro­gram­ming language embedding a DLL or ActiveX Controls. The LIBAD4 with full functionality requires pro­gram­ming experience. For the LIBADX with slightly reduced function range no special programming knowledge is necessary.

System Independent.
Be Flexible.

The LIBAD4 can be used under Windows XP/7/8/10 as well as on MAC OS X, FreeBSD, and Linux. Switching between operating systems is easy: Simply copy the source code. You can do the programming on a Windows PC, for example, and run the application under Linux. As ActiveX Control, the LIBADX is supported exclusively by Windows.

Check it Out. In Advance.

Device drivers and the programming interface are available for free download. So you can try and see how easy the implementation of your measurement application is done in software before purchasing a DAQ system. Look and see!

Programming Examples. For Help.

Various programming examples with source code demonstrating how to use the LIBAD provide support. The examples can be downloaded for free.
Valuable help is also provided in the manuals for LIBAD4 and LIBADX.