Test and Repair

We provide a test and repair service for our products. Fill in the form below to apply for an RMA number. The charges depends on the following product categories:

  • product category A: hardware less than 498.00 € (net)
  • product category B: hardware from 498.00 € (net)


If you need a function test for your bmcm product, we'll do it for you.
Included in the test is a calibration service.
The delivery comes with a test record.


If a product of BMC Messsysteme GmbH is damaged, we will repair it - if worthwhile.
Please understand that a lump sum will also be charged for products without any damage.
In case of warranty, please attach a copy of your invoice.


Additionally, we offer an exchange program for products beyond repair or if repairing is uneconomically.
This comprises a thoroughly overhauled product, which you can get at special discount (if in stock).

Flat Rate Test:

  • product category A: 39.00 €
  • product category B: 89.00 €

Test Rate Repairs:

  • product category A: 69.00 €
  • product category B: 179.00 €

Special Conditions:

  • as agreed

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