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Assemble DAQ Card. Control. Analog.

For optimum customization to a measurement application, the PCI/PCIe cards from BMC Messsysteme GmbH can be supplemented with various modules. The short latency of the PCI/PCIe interface makes the MDA16-4i module especially attractive for controlling tasks.

4 Analog Outputs. 16 Bit. ±10V.

The MDA16-4i precisely emits analog signals with 16-bit resolution in the ±10V range. They are available at the 37-pin D-Sub female connector of the PCI/PCIe card. 4 analog outputs are provided.

Clearly Safe.

The galvanic isolation of the analog outputs from the PC ground provides interference-free operation and protects DAQ system and PC against high potentials.

Function Generator.

The MDA16-4i features a function generator, which outputs various signals (sine wave, rectangle, or ramp function). Signal amplitude (±10V) and frequency (max. 100kHz) are programmable via software.

Modularity. Individuality. Flexibility.

A great variety of analog input, analog output modules, or CAN modules is available to equip the PCI/PCIe base board for a measurement application. The combination of the modules in the two card slots creates individual solutions.

The most important functions in a nutshell. For technical details see the relating data sheet (PDF).

  •   D/A converter module
  •   4 analog outputs (16 bit, ±10V)
  •   galvanically isolated from the PC ground


Analog module for PCI(e)-BASE (16 IN, 2 OUT, 250kHz, 16 bit, isol.)


PCIe data acquisition card (1MHz, 32 Dig I/O, 3 counters)


PCI data acquisition card (1MHz, 32 Dig I/O, 3 counters)

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