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Measurement & Control. Multifunctional.

Stationary measurement data acquisition in latest "PCI Express" technology: The PCIe-BASE is a multifunctional data acquisition and control card. Its modular structure guarantees individual and flexible adjustment to a measuring task.

Modular Concept. Optimize Price-Performance-Ratio.

Perfectly adapted to the respective measurement application, data acquisition modules can be selected to equip the two module slots of the PCIe-BASE. It is the customer who decides about performance and price of his DAQ system!

Modules: MADDA. MDA. What Would You Like?

A great variety of analog plug-on modules is available differing in the number of inputs and outputs, resolution and sampling rate.

32 Digital I/O. 3 Counters.

The PCIe-BASE features 32 digital lines, which means that the base board is a digital I/O card itself. The direction of the two 16-bit ports is set via software. Three counter accessible via any digital input allow the acquisition of counting pulses or the connection of an incremental encoder.

PCIe. Be on the Cutting Edge.

Designed in "PCIe x1" format, the PCIe-BASE can be installed in any PCIe slot. In the long term, this extremely powerful interface will completely replace the predecessor "PCI" in the PC. Due to Plug&Play, the card is recognized automatically by the PC making installation a lot easier.

Ideal for Windows

The data acquisition system can be used under Windows 8.1 and 10 in 64bit. The complete software for installation and programming is provided for free.

NextView. Try for Free.

The DAQ system is supported by NextView, the software for data acquisition and analysis. A fully functional 14-day trial can be requested under www.nextview.de. So it is possible, to directly test the functionality of the device.

The most important functions in a nutshell. For technical details see the relating data sheet (PDF).

  •   2 module slots
  •   32 digital channels (2x16 bit, TTL/CMOS)
  •   3 counters (32 bit, max. 16MHz) for pulse or incremental encoder measurement
  •   4k FIFO for fast data acquisition
  •   PCIe bus compatible (PCIe x1)
  •   1 Megasample max. transfer rate

Hardware and Software from One Hand

Drivers and programming support are naturally included with all DAQ systems for free and can be downloaded from this website.

bmcm Driver Package

USB/PCI/PCIe data acquisition hardware always requires the installation of a device driver to be accessible by software. By providing a free bmcm driver package, the device installation has to be done only once - additional DAQ hardware is installed automatically. 

Simply NextView

For all who want to start right away: View and store signals, configure the measurement system, process measuring data and much more. 
Test all features of the data ac­qui­sition software 14 days for free! As a premium member of bmcm you can test all functionalitys of NextView for 30 days. 

Simply LIBAD

Programming leanly and quickly: Use bmcm data acquisition systems in your own programs. The hardware independent programming interface (API) LIBAD4 is available as DLL in 64 Bit (Windows 8.1/10).


PCI data acquisition card (1MHz, 32 Dig I/O, 3 counters)


OI16 schraeg
Optocoupler card (16 IN 1..30V, 16 OUT 1..30V)


NextView 5 Professional (single license)


NV Lite
NextView 5 Lite (single license)


MADDA16 oben
Analog module for PCI(e)-BASE (16 IN, 2 OUT, 250kHz, 16 bit, isol.)


MDA16-4i oben
Analog module for PCI(e)-BASE (4 OUT, 16 bit, isolated)


Analog module for PCI(e)-BASE (8 OUT, 16 bit, isolated)


Cable with PC bracket (D-Sub 37 female)


Connector panel (16x BNC, 37x 4mm banana jacks)


Connector panel (18x terminal connectors, 37x banana jacks)


Connector panel (18x terminal connectors)

ZUKA37 Line

D-Sub 37 connecting cable (male/female or male/male)


Current shunt, 250 Ohm

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