Measurement & Control.
With LabVIEW™ VI's.

Acquisition and processing of measurement data with LabVIEW™: BMC Messsysteme GmbH introduces LVVI, a collection of VI's (Virtual Instruments) allowing the use of data acquisition systems and measuring cards of bmcm with LabVIEW™ 2009.

Graphical Programming System.

The software LabVIEW™ of National Instruments widely-used in measurement technology uses a graphical programming language ("G") based on the data flow model. The VI's serve as function blocks or (sub)routines. The data flow is defined by connecting the VI's with wires.

LIBAD4. Programming Interface.

The VI's are based on the programming interface LIBAD4 of bmcm. Being the connection between LVVI and the bmcm data acquisition hardware, it provides functions and data formats which can be called and processed by the VI's. The DLL is automatically installed together with LVVI.

Measurement Hardware.

The LabVIEW™ VI's are provided for all USB, PCI(e) and LAN data acquisition systems of bmcm that are supported by the LIBAD4. Of course, this comprises the currently available DAQ hardware of bmcm.

Windows. That's it.

The VI's can be used on Windows® XP/7/8/10. They are included with all products or are provided in our Download Center.

Programming Examples. To Support You.

Various programming examples with source code demonstrating the integration of the bmcm LabVIEW™ VI's provide support. When installing LVVI, the examples will also be included.