It's nice to be different

... and we ARE different

To say it with the picture above:

It's nice to be different - and we ARE different.

Because the BMC Messsysteme GmbH has to offer unique advantages in both software and hardware, that no competitor can acquire.


- NO cost intense service-contract necessary.

- Powerful fault tracing with intelligent triggers  on all analog
   and digital inputs and additionally on all formula channels.

- NextView simply measures: Tuning the block size, buffer
   and file format is not necessary in NextView. 

- Open to everything: Import and export functions in and
   to various formats.



Forget about hardware limitations, because our:

- LAN-measurement systems are self configurating and PoE-ready.

- USB-measurement systems are buspowered.

- Measuring range switchover is possible per channel
   (instead of per group or device) without influence on the sampling rate.

- Recording analog and digital signals simultaneously with
   set sums sampling rate is possible.

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