Tomorrow's Modern Data Acquisition

Being up-to-date, getting an overview fast, and comparing are important aspects in today's working life.

For you to easily manage this regarding the solution of your measurement tasks, we updated our product overview for measurement systems.
The DATA ACQUISITION catalog is the first of its series and presents the currently available DAQ systems including all new products and features.

Our Reading Tip:

  Network power for independent LAN data acquisition system (see p. 10)
  Digitally enlightened and your eyes will shine (see p. 30f)
  When counters do more than counting (see p. 11, 20, 22, 28-31, 33)
  Resolution tuning with digital enhancement at the same price (see p. 16)
  Making it clear: What is a LAN data acquisition system? (see p. 12+13)

No matter if you download the PDF file or mail us to send you a free copy hot off the press: We wish you many inspirations and ideas how to realize your measurement tasks when leafing through the catalog!

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