Happy Easter with AMS42-LAN16f, AMS42-USB

Even more functionality at the same price:

Our all-in-one amplifier measurement systems AMS42-LAN16f and AMS42-USB got an analog upgrade featuring 2 analog outputs and 8 additional (non-amplified) analog inputs - simply for nothing.

Customize your AMS42-LAN16f/USB according to your needs:

Equip the device with 8 additional amplifier slots choosing the analog option AMS-EXT8. The digital options AMS-DIG4 and AMS-DIG8 allow for using higher voltages and currents due to optocoupler and relay technology - galvanically isolated and safe.


    Amplifier measurement system (LAN)
   1,399.00 net
   More information...



   Amplifier measurement system (USB)
   999.00 net
   More information...


  Analog control: connect 2 analog outputs at D-Sub 37 female
  Measurably more: 8 non-amplified analog inputs at D-Sub 37 female
  Optionally extendable: 8 additional amplifier slots instead of 8x analog inputs
  Optionally isolated: digital channels as optocoupler inputs and relay outputs

Better search for easter eggs now: With the AMS42-LAN16f or AMS42-USB your search for a measurement system custom-tailored to your requirements has come to an end. We will be pleased to give you expert advice on our website or on the phone.

Happy Easter!

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