Powerful Connection for Measurement

Power package to monitor and control machines: Combine the USB data acquisition system USB-AD14f with the optocoupler and relay card OR8 to optimize the digital qualities of the DAQ system.

Record digital signals in the range of 5..30V and switch control lines (e.g. for valves) with up to 60V/6A - galvanically isolated and protected against potentials or interferences often existing in machine environment.


   Optocoupler and relay card
   99.00 net
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   Data acquisition system (USB)
   199.00 net
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  16 channels (14 bit, ±10V) for analog quantities (e.g. temperature, pressure)
  1 output (12 bit, ±5V) for analog control
  20kHz sampling rate
  8 digital inputs (5..30V, isolated), 8 digital outputs (60V/6A, isolated)
  1 counter (16 bit) for acquisition of quantities, e.g.

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