LAN-AD16fx with PoE: Power Pack for Measuring

More power features for our DAQ system LAN-AD16fx with network technology: supplied by network (Power over Ethernet), bidirectional digital channels, 3 multi-function counters, same price.

You have read correctly. Data acquisition via network offers so many advantages. That's why we extended the functionality of our LAN devices. Benefit from even more comfort and possibilities to realize your measurement applications.


   LAN data acquisition system: 16 analog inputs (250kHz), 2 analog outputs, 32 digital I/O, 3 counters
   899.00 net
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Your Power Pack:

  Network power: safe, interference-free data transmission via LAN with TCP/IP
  High performance: measure fast + slow signals with 250kHz at the same time
  Supplied with energy: comfortable, space-saving via network (PoE)
  Top: synchronous measurements at many places simultaneously in real-time
  Powerful: 3 counters (32-bit) for pulses, incremental encoders, pulse-time

If you combine the LAN-AD16fx with the latest version 4.6 of NextView, you will have a powerful measurement system. All features of the DAQ system are supported by the professional, easy-to-use data acquisition and analysis software.

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