How Santa Counts his Packages

Even Santa is not reluctant to modern methods for efficient packing of his packages these days.
Automated monitoring of production processes, machine control, acquisition of quantities, and much more are indispensable to him in the meantime.

With the digital allrounder USB-OI16, bmcm now supports Santa!
All functions of a digital I/O device, an incremental encoder system, and an optocoupler card with semi-conductor switches have been combined on approximately 4''x4'' only.


   Digital I/O device (USB) with multi-function counters
   199.00 net
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  16 optocoupler inputs (3..32V) for digital acquisition of higher voltages
  16 semi-conductor outputs (5..32V, 250mA) to switch and control machines, etc.
  LEDs signaling digital states, easy connection via USB
  galvanic isolation for noise-free signals and protection against high potentials
  2 multi-function counters to measure pulse, frequency, position, pulse-time

Make it easy for yourself not just now in the festive season. We are pleased to support you with a solution for your measurement tasks - professionally, universally and with the USB-OI16 digitally all-in-one.

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