Visualize. Configure. Scan. Analyze.

One software for everything. NextView 4 covers the entire world of PC measurement data acquisition: displaying live data, recording measured values, analyzing your measurement applications - and even much more.

Versions. Something for Everyone.

Full functionality, a version with basic functions, or rather an analysis version without DAQ hardware? With NextView 4 Pro, Lite, or Analysis, you will find what meets your needs. You are free to test the complete function range of the software for 30 days.

Lite. Measuring Software with Basic Functions.

If your measuring tasks do not require special functions, you can realize your measurement applications completely and without progamming efforts with the trimmed version NV4LITE. Just so simple and extremely cost-saving.

Application-Oriented. No Programming.

NextView 4 puts a main focus on user friendliness and practical use. An intuitive operating concept (e.g. Drag & Drop) guarantees extremely short training periods to get results fast. Programming skills are not necessary.

Measurement Hardware.

NextView 4 supports all currently available DAQ systems of bmcm. With NV4LITE one device can be installed. Changing to another DAQ system, however, is possible at any time and does not require reinstallation.

Show Signals. Live or Recorded.

Analog, digital, or CAN signals provided by the DAQ hardware can be shown online as graphs or numerical values. Display and analysis of measuring data stored or imported in a file is done in a graph display.

Control & Automate.

With the add-on module NextView 4 Script, it is possible to automate processes or realize individual applications. In case of alarm, for example, an event can be set off, which has been programmed with the BASIC-like script language.

The most important functions in a nutshell. For technical details see the relating data sheet (PDF) or visit the NextView website.

  •   number of DAQ systems: 1
  •   storage type: current value, average
  •   displays: live display, graph display, digital multimeter, static text
  •   display functions: zoom, scroll, cursors
  •   access control: lock projects
  •   other functions: alarm, export, print and many more


NextView 4 Professional (single license)


NextView 4 Analysis (single license)


NextView 4 script option

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