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Connect digital signals. Galvanically Isolated.

The optocoupler card OI16 is ideal for the electrical isolation of digital signals and for optimum protection of the data acquisition and control system.

16 Optocoupler inputs. 16 semiconductor switches.

16 digital states in the 3..32V voltage range can be sampled and recorded. The 16 semiconductor switches of the OI16 are realized with high-side drivers for voltages in the 5..32V range.

Well supplied.

The OI16 is operated through the 5V bmcm measurement system.

Get connected.

The digital inputs and outputs of the application-specific hardware (sensor, machine, etc.) are connected at a 37-pole D-Sub female. A 37-pole D-Sub male serves for the connection to the DAQ and control system.


Particularly simple is the connection to the digital I/O interface PCI-PIO, PCI-Base II, PCIe-Base, LAN-AD16fx as only a 37-pole D-Sub extension cable is needed for connecting.

The most important functions in a nutshell. For technical details see the relating data sheet (PDF).

  •   16 optocoupler inputs (3..32V)
  •   16 semiconductor switches with high-side drivers (5..32V)
  •   galvanically isolation of digital signals
  •   simple connection to digital I/O interfaces like PCI-PIO, PCI-BaseII, PCIe-Base, LAN-AD16fx


Optocoupler/relay card (IN: 5..30V, OUT: 6A/60V)


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ZUKA37 Line

D-Sub 37 connecting cable (male/female or male/male)

D-Sub Connectors

D-Sub male/female conn. (15-, 25-, 37-pin)

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