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Connect Digital Signals. Quite Simple.

The optocoupler and relay board OR8 is ideal to monitor and control digital states. The digital inputs and outputs can be connected directly via a screw-clamp connection.

8 Optocoupler Inputs. 8 Relay Outputs.

The eight optocouplers on the OR8 convert digital inputs in the voltage range of 5..30V into TTL signals. Via relays, the OR8 switches eight control lines (TTL) with up to 6A.

Clearly Safe.

Due to the galvanic isolation of the channels from each other and from the data acquisition and control system, the whole system is perfectly protected.

Current States.

Eight LEDs each dedicated to the inputs and outputs signalize if a channel is high or low.

Well Supplied.

The OR8 is powered with 9-40V but can also be configured to 5V supply. The supply voltage is also connected via screw-clamp terminals.

DIN Rail Mounting.

The optocoupler and relay board is suitable for DIN rail mounting. A DIN rail carrier with bracket is already included with the delivery of the OR8.


Particularly simple is the connection to the digital I/O interface USB-PIO as only a 25-pin D-Sub extension cable is needed for connecting.

The most important functions in a nutshell. For technical details see the relating data sheet (PDF).

  •   8 optocoupler inputs (5..30V)
  •   8 relay outputs (max. 60V/6A)
  •   power supply 9..40V or 5V
  •   status indication via LEDs
  •   screw terminals


OI16 schraeg
Optocoupler card (16 IN 1..30V, 16 OUT 1..30V)


Digital I/O device (USB), 24 Digital I/O


D-Sub 25 connecting cable (male/female)

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