For everyone who wants to start right away: View and store signals, configure the measurement system, process measuring data and many more. Test all features of the data acquisition software 30 days for free!



Programming lean and quick: Use bmcm data acquisition systems in your own programs or even with LabVIEWTM. The hardware independent interface (API) LIBAD and LabVIEW VI's are available for downloading.


Drivers, DAQ-Software and Programming

Hardware and software come from one source at bmcm. This allows for optimum adjustment. Drivers, programming support for Windows, Mac OS X and UNIX systems, as well as a 30-day full version of the measurement software NextView are included with all DAQ systems for free and can be downloaded from this website.

The installation of a device driver is always necessary for USB and PCI(e) DAQ-Software in order to reach the device via software. Thanks to our free of charge bmcm driver packages this just needs to be done once – additional DAQ-Software will be installed automatically.

In addition we offer you free of charge programming examples and all information regarding LIBAD and LabVIEW VI's.