Analysis of the spine by measurement technology and data acquisition for perfect training ergonomics

Measurement technology innovation in the implementation of mobility and strength measurement for health care and fitness

In collaboration with a manufacturer of high-quality training equipment and a developer of training software, the measurement technology company BMC Messsysteme GmbH was able to realize an interesting project in the health sector. With the perfect interaction of device, software and measurement technology, a training concept was developed that, by using medical and scientific knowledge, can compare the standard values ​​of people who are free of complaints and in the same age and those of the exercising people. Thanks to the implemented measurement technology of bmcm, large quantities of data with perfect measuring accuracy are collected and directly evaluated during the first training session on the device. Such as a biomechanical functional analysis of the spine to define the mobility and strength of the main back muscles. Thanks to the exact diagnostics, the training device is automatically adjusted to the needs of the body and thus meets all scientific requirements even for the purpose of research and science.

During the first workout, each device individually picks up the genetically determined speed of training from the exerciser, as well as the personal range of movement of the exercise. With the output channels of the LAN-AD16fx, the control motors of the sports equipment can be controlled and the mechanical resistance can be adjusted via the software. By controlling movement speed and amplitude, a new level of efficiency is achieved for weight-adjusted exercise machines. These data are then processed and displayed in real-time during training. They serve the athlete as biofeedback for optimal movement. The training on these devices happens by mechanical weight load. Due to the complex software operating in the background, the athlete can handle his training professionally. The variety of devices enable a comprehensive body workout, because each body area can be trained specifically, joint-friendly and effective.

This innovative concept was realized with the measuring technology from BMC Messsysteme GmbH. The LAN-AD16fx meter with the BP2 amplifier backplane and two MAL series miniature amplifiers are used.

With the aid of the measuring software, the data recorded by the measuring device in real time for the measurement of mobility and force is evaluated. Up to 240 tests including execution, interpretation, errors, images and evaluation are possible.


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