Industrial Standards

BMC Messsysteme GmbH complies with the current industrial standards when developing their products so that those can easily be added to already existing systems. Therefore we manufacture in accordance with the ISO9000 regulations and abide by the common CE standards.


In earlier times, especially productivity and price were the decisive factors for the success of a company. But today additional features are required of a modern business such as innovative ability, learning aptitude, a deliberate product and service program, flexible adjustment to changing market conditions and customer demands, as well as highest quality at a price in line with the market.

Companies can meet these demands with a quality management system. Processes and interfaces are optimized and the competitive position in global competition is strengthened.

The European series of standards DIN EN ISO 9000 ff was developed to support companies with the implementation of these quality management systems. Throughout the world it is the most frequently applied standard for quality assurance and process optimization.

The products of BMC Messsysteme GmbH are manufactured subject to the ISO9000 standard.

  ISO9000 Declaration (PDF, 27kB)

CE Marking

With the CE marking, manufacturers confirm the full compliance of the "basic (safety) requirements" for their products which are concretely specified by EU Directives. Reference was made to the following standards in the assessment of the bmcm products for electromagnetic compatibility:

  EN61000-6-1: Interference emissions in residential, business and small industrial areas
  EN61000-6-3: Interference resistance in residential, business and small industrial areas
  EN61010-1: Safety of measurement devices

The CE declarations of conformity can be requested via mail under