EU Directives and Laws

On January 27th, 2003 the European Union passed the directives RoHS and WEEE. In Germany those were put into national law, the so-called ElektroG, entered into force since March 24th, 2005.


The RoHS directive of the European Union deals with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronical products. Central requirement for example is the lead-free prduction of those products.

  RoHS Directive (PDF, 180kB)


Together with RoHS, the WEEE directive of the European Union was passed, being concerned with the Waste of Electrical and Electronical Equipment and especially aiming at increasing the recycling rate. The disposal costs for old devices have to be paid by the manufacturers of those products.

  WEEE Directive (PDF, 374kB)


The ElektroG governs the sale, return, and environmentally sound disposal of electrical and electronic equipment. Within the scope of product responsibility the manufacturers are put in charge for environmentally compatible device conceptions up to the return and disposal of electrical and electronical devices.

  ElektroG (PDF, 163kB)


The ear (Elektronik-Altgeraete Register) foundation was authorized to implement the ElektroG. This includes the registration of all manufacturers (producers or importers) in Germany either as b2b (business-to-business) or b2c (business-to-customer) manufacturer to be done by November 24, 2005. Products for private use (b2c) are disposed at special public waste collection places. The disposal of industrial products (b2b) can be assumed by the manufacturers themselfes.

double crossed-out wheeled bin From March 24th, 2006 on, all electrical and electronical equipment, being sold on the EU market after August 13th, 2005 for the first time, have to be marked with the "double crossed-out wheeled bin", as they must not be disposed with the domestic waste.

Implementation by bmcm

As a manufacturer of measurement technology products of the category 9 we produce in compliance with RoHS. The BMC Messsysteme GmbH is registered at the ear as b2b manufacturer with the WEEE reg. no. DE75472248.
As the ElektroG is only effective in Germany, we recommend to our customers to contact the respective national registration office about deadlines and regulations..

By processing our products the customer becomes manufacturer by law and therefore, is responsible for the proper installation, use and disposal of the product. In the case of improper use or unauthorized interference, our warranty ceases and any warranty claim is excluded. Do not dispose of the device. It has to be either duly disposed according to the WEEE Directive or can be returned to bmcm at your own expense.