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All-In-One DAQ system AMS84-LAN16fx

Saving cost by implementing innovative and versatile DAQ technology “made in Germany”

Avoiding downtime and saving money in industrial applications, like in refineries, stone and cement mills, tunnel boring, mining cranes etc. with the measurement technology of bmcm ...


PCI-Express and analog output module

The top combination of PCI-Express and analog output module by BMC Messsysteme GmbH

The implementation of measurement technology in the producing industries, no matter if ist production processes, test series or test stands, is an essential tool nowadays.


Industry 4.0

Efficiency increase thanks to predictive maintenance with solutions by BMC Messsysteme GmbH

The expression Industry 4.0 – comparable to the IoT (Internet of Things), describes the fourth industrial revolution. Measurement- and sensor-technology are playing a fundamental role in this stage. In order to keep high quality standards in the long run, as well as being able to fulfill the demanding client requests for personalizing and communication, it is essential to make and keep processes transparent and measurable.

Industry 4.0 matters to every company.



Service on site for industrial drilling, milling, pressing and friction welding

BMC Messsysteme GmbH presents a precisely tuned solution for measurements of temperature, hydraulic pressure, rotational speed, rotational angle and acceleration for the service on lathes, milling machines, presses and friction welding machines by using the combination of the all-in-one DAQ system AMS42/84-LAN16fx, the extension OI16RS and the software NextView®4. Cost can be minimized with the aid of the DAQ system combined with NextView®4 through early detection on the spot for the reduction of downtime.



"Measurement technology ingeniously simple"
A movie by bmcm.

We are demonstrating the set up of an analog measuring chain. Explained in the most simple way and built in less than 3 minutes! It is exciting to watch for measuring beginners as well as for the pros.