Test- and Repair-Service

We certainly provide an affordable test and repair service for our recent products. The flat rate charges for handing in and testing (with analysis) your product comes to 39,00 € (net).

We are always happy to help!

Are you unsure of how to fill in the information below? You do not have all the required information? Or do you have a special case? Then simply call us at:

+49 8141 404180-0

1. Test & Analysis

You can submit bmcm products, which are available in our online shop, to a functional test by us. For older products, please contact us directly at:

+49 8141 404180-0 or

2. Repair

If a product of BMC Messsysteme GmbH is defect, we will repair it – if it is economical. Please understand that even for products that turn out to not have any fault, the charges of 39,00 € net. apply. In case of warranty, please attach a copy of your invoice.

3. Replacement

For products that are not repairable, or where a repair would be uneconomical, we can offer you a new product at a special price.


We give a 2-year warranty on our products from the date of purchase. Thanks to our sophisticated technology and 20 years of experience in measurement technology, we are able to identify, the source of a damage or defect of a device by analyzing the damage pattern. If you are unsure whether or not your case is a warranty claim, simply complete the form and attach the invoice. We take care of the rest.

Tips and Hints

1. The fee for testing and analysis comes to 39,00 € (net). In the case of warranty this service is free of charge.
2. The RMA number needs to be applied for each product individually
3. You will receive a quote for the repair costs from us

4. Repairs are finished usually within 10-15 working days
5. For non-repairable products we offer special conditions for a new device

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