ZU37CB - USB-AD - NextView

With our connection boards e.g. ZU37CB it is very easy to connect to the measurement systems of BMC Messsysteme GmbH. From the board you can proceed via a measurement amplifier or directly to the data acquistion system USB-AD and the software NextView®5.

Measurement Software


Measurement Device


  • 16 analog inputs
    (12 bit, max. 10Hz/channel, ±5V)
  • 1 analog output (12 bit, ±5V)
  • 4 digital inputs and outputs each
  • bus-powered
  • USB 2.0, full-speed
  • DAQ system integrated in compact
    D-Sub housing


Connection Technology


  • connectors for 16+4 channels
  • 37 jacks for 4mm banana plugs, 18 terminal connectors (4-pin)
  • connect to DAQ system at D-Sub 37 male
  • sensor supply for 16 channels

Complete Package

Now you've got an all-round carefree package for your measurement task. From your sensor to the connection technology, to connecting cables right through to displaying live data of our signals. Best components, combined perfectly.