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Our robust, compact, and interference-proof measurement systems record signals of different speed and type, in real-time, and in difficult environment, - no matter how many and for how long ...

... for you to quickly come to well-founded measuring results!


NL: Sensor+Test 2013

Everything is new in May!

That's how an ancient German folk song begins. The focal topic of the upcoming measurement fair SENSOR+TEST 2013 in Nuremberg, however, is "Regenerative Energy". But the new products and innovations from bmcm expecting you are so multifunctional on the other side, they can also be used in this field, of course.




Even more functionality at the same price:
Our all-in-one amplifier measurement systems AMS42-LAN16f and AMS42-USB got an analog upgrade featuring 2 analog outputs and 8 additional (non-amplified) analog inputs - simply for nothing.

Customize your AMS42-LAN16f/USB according to your needs:
Equip the device with 8 additional amplifier slots choosing the analog option AMS-EXT8. The digital options AMS-DIG4 and AMS-DIG8 allow for using higher voltages and currents due to optocoupler and relay technology - galvanically isolated and safe.


NL: bmcm Messtechnik weltweit

"Innovative Measurement Technology made in Germany"

With this slogan we have successfully been developing and producing PC measurement in the business location Munich for almost 20 years. bmcm provides solutions for data acquisition, signal conditioning, and analysis of measuring data.


NL: Applikationen

Take off in the new year!

Be creative and get an impression of the versatility of our measurement products. The bmcm collection of application notes will give you new ideas and shows how you can realize your measurement tasks.